As a child, Lionel thought films were organic entities that just existed on their own. He believed there was no need to imagine them, write them, or make them. He thought it was enough to turn on the television or to go to the movies to make them appear spontaneously.
This singular and naive vision made this « world » a lot more intriguing.
As he got older, he started to see things differently of course, but he never forgot his first memories, the taste of adventure; his imagination, built piece by piece. So he threw himself into this world like an explorer, eager and curious.  Even today, each time he faces a new project, he feels the same childish enthusiasm.

Up until 1995, Lionel works both as a Unit production manager and as the founder/director of a theatre collective rooted in a closed factory in the Parisian suburbs.

His experience in production teaches him the bolts and knots of a film set, the importance of details, the strength of rigor. His experience in theater opens up the doors to a universe where his childish fantasy can express endlessly.
The theater is supported by the French ministry of Culture and showcases 2 plays a year for 10 years.

With actors, he learns to work on a set as a director, to support actors and direct them in their craft. This great theater experience will also welcome the meeting of African musicians and theater troupes from Zaire and Ivory Coast.

In 1996, Lionel directs his first short film, which is picked by Charles Gassot from The Telema society.

Acclaimed by critics, this first film gives him the key to his first advertising films orders.

He directs many campaigns, such as Chevignon, Citroën, Peugeot, Axa, Dodge, Kronenbourg, Nestlé, Mercedes, Audi, Airness… while still experimenting as a short film director.

His last short “Fragments of a Still Journey” broadcasts on Canal +, Ciné +, all over Europe, Russia and Africa and is welcome to most festivals throughout the world : Barcelona, Berlin, Brooklyn, Santiago of Chile, Clermont-Ferrand, Mexico, Los Angeles, etc. The film is still distributed by International Berlin-based distributor Interfilm.

Ever since 2000, he has been writing shorts and featurettes for thematic programs aired on Canal + and Ciné +.

Dominique Besnehard, ex Artmedia agent now independent producer at “Mon Voisin Productions”, trusts him with the adaptation of Valérie Tong Cuong’s novel “Providence”.

Rich of these experiences as a writer, Lionel starts developing his own scripts.

Lionel is actually developing a feature he will shoot during spring 2018 : " Better Days"


GIFFONI Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Young People of Giffoni (Italy)
ANEC Gold Medal


Special Jury Prize in the International Competition



International Franco-German Film Meeting of Mayence (Germany)
1st Prize

LUTINS Short Film Awards (France)

Lutin Award for Best Editing

BELO HORIZONTE - International Short Film Festival (Brazil)

Melhor curta-metragem

MEGÈVE Commercial Festival

Best Car Commercial (Citroën)

COLCOA - Los Angeles USA

Representing France for Foreign market.