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Acerca de

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Lionel Mougin,

Based in Paris, FRANCE


It all began in live theater. Lionel was part of a collective of actors, authors, and directors that presented two shows per year in a factory transformed into a creative and alternative space. Concurrently, he worked as a production manager and general manager for the production of commercials, feature films, and documentaries.

His first short film, MOBYL (1994), widely showcased in festivals, marked the beginning of his career as a director of commercials. He had the opportunity to direct numerous advertising campaigns for renowned brands such as Mercedes, Total, DS, AXA, VIVO, Liverpool FC, and many others. This also allowed him to work in various countries and learn from their cultures.

In parallel, he continued to write and share his work. This led him to forge connections with producers and broadcasters who trusted his skills and encouraged him to continue writing. He collaborated on novel adaptations with Mon Voisin Production (Dominique Besnehard) and crafted scripts for genre film collections initiated by the Canal+ Group, in association with Cine+.

In recent years, he has established professional ties with Asia through a close partnership with a company based in Shanghai. This collaboration enabled him to direct commercials and contribute to the development of series for the Asian market, with bases in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

He also ventured into the realm of series by directing mini-series for France Télévision (Facing the Devil - Face au Diable) and episodes for TF1 (Profilage).

His versatile journey as a director has allowed him to explore a wide range of creative projects in diverse environments:

  • Collaborating with large multidisciplinary teams encompassing specialties such as stunts, fights, animal training, set construction, special effects, ...

  • And working with small, cohesive teams, offering genuine flexibility but demanding a completely different level of commitment.

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